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The middle school classroom is the perfect setting to see the social changes of early adolescence -- when individuals are beginning to develop social skills.Students are whispering or passing notes during quiet times.Several factors drive the social behavior of young adolescents: When teachers, parents, and other adults in the lives of young adolescents begin to think of this social behavior as a normal part of human development and not an aberration, they can enjoy and accommodate behavior changes along the developmental continuum.Here are some ways educators can accommodate the needs of their middle school students: Children in middle school experience many changes -- physical, emotional, and social.Under IDEA, students can be classified ESE under the category of Other Health Impairments (OHI) if their health issue has negatively affected their learning process.Not all students with health impairments will be considered ESE under Other Health Impairments or be issued an IEP, however students with health concerns may need accommodations in order to be successful in the classroom.If you want to learn something don't take him- he is a big waiste of time and money. He finishes class 1.5hrs before it's over so he can go home early. He really cares about students passing and is willing to help you one on one if you don't understand something.

They're going to a friend's desk, or talking with someone as they head to the drinking fountain or pencil sharpener (usually the boys) or the restroom or supply shelves (usually the girls).

If for any reason you forget he will help if you ask. His test is a bit tough but if you study there's no way you won't pass. He makes MCB easy to understand by associating with a lot of examples. He jumps over the pp trying to tell u what will be on the test but doesn't teach u anything. He has time after class to explain any topic that you may not understand. He'll just dismiss you as not "trying hard enough." He prefers to spend time only at "smart" tables and only provide hands on help to those that don't really need it. He does not teach, he just reads you the power point. He doesn't create his own tests because he says its too difficult. The only bad thing about him was that he didn't know how to answer some of my questions. In a city where everyone has a foreign accent i find it funny that i'm an American and i have no problem understanding him. if you show interest in the class, he'll show interest in your learning.

Show up to class and do your labs and you will pass. He gives you necessary information that you will see in everyday life. He thinks if he doesn't explain something during his own class you will learn everything in lab. Be careful not to ask him to repeat his instructions. If you want to learn in his class, you have to teach yourself. Communication is the key, if you ask for assistance, he will gladly help.

WOW what a great professor at MDC his MCB2010L is not hard at all if you study and do all your work you will pass. He is very helpful, he demonstrate how to do the lab before you start your lab, unlike some professor they let you figure everything on your own. If you are having difficulties in this class, don't expect help from this guy. The midterm and final were hard but you just have to memorize. This professor just makes you do the labs, you have NO idea why you are doing them. but if you want to really learn, recommend to take another professor. It's complex but it's not even the hardest class.

She likes super nice and if she comes by the class he gets soooooo happy with the class that he will let you us go home after your group is done with lab work . Just do what the professor says to do and you'll be fine. so the review doesn't help, I studied VERY hard and ended with a C, the first " C" I get in my two years of college.has a horrible personality, dont take him!!!!!! There were only about five quizzes and they were diagrams straight from the book. You must read before the class, like in any college level class, you are not hand fed by the professor and shouldn't expect that either.

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