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Sounds like a real catch -- especially if you're a female penguin looking to settle down with the right feathered fellow.

The Humboldt penguin lives at the Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park in the UK.

Technology has already made other inroads into the world of animal mating.

A primate park in the Netherlands is taking a Tinder-like approach, using a touchscreen tablet to find out which males catch an eligible female orangutan's eye.

There are only about 10,000 pairs of Humboldt penguins left in the wild and they're found in coastal areas of Chile and Peru.

Hi penguins, Today I want to get serious for a moment and talk about Internet safety.

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He's a professional swimmer with an athletic body, and he wants children.

Not only is the dating annoying (and it really does teach unhealthy relationship habit, ive seen penguins on here go from one "bay" to the next in less than 30 seconds), but also now theyre getting inappropriate.

I'm not going to repeat it, but there are so many young kids on this Penguins don't use the report when they feel incomfortable they use it as a threat a minute ago I was in the thrown room sitting on the thrown when this penguin came and said she is queen Elsa please move off my thrown then I said I am the queen of the: look in the comments for the rest of the story Hi I'm nat but my Nickname is girly I really agree to tuaddy and Disney Girl this game should be about friends not bays It's important 😡You can also build a family most importantly if you see someone That is saying bay report him or her because most of us are just kids and adults don't put a I just want to tell all of you stay safe on the internet people are having phones do not let your kids go outside people get kidnapped and shot make sure you change the babysitter please keep your kids safe We are not allowed to say things like come also! I am just calling someone saying come here but it won't allow.

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