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BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR PRECLASSICAL SEAFARING This bibliography was begun by G. Bass and his students in the mid-1960s in a seminar on the subject at the University of Pennsylvania.

At that time there were virtually no general books such as L. This required using primary sources for discussions in that and subsequent seminars, both at the University of Pennsylvania and at Texas A&M University, and the bibliography grew annually, although in recent years there has been no attempt to list the many articles in (BAR International Series 580, 1992) has made it unnecessary to add references to ancient wrecks to this list. Muhly, "The Land of Alashiya: References to Alashiya in the Texts of the Second Millennium and the History of Cyprus in the Late Bronze Age," in Praktika tou Protou Diethnous Kuprologikou Synedriou (Nicosia), pp.

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Durch die neuen technischen Möglichkeiten hat sich auch das Kennenlernen verändert und beschleunigt.

Früher hat man sich zuerst gesehen, sich bekannt gemacht und danach erst richtig - mit allen Vorlieben und Einstellungen - kennengelernt.

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