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Then when the Jason resurrection storyline was created, Herbst agreed to stay until it was revealed that Jake is Jason.

Other rumors abound that Herbst thinks Billy Miller is unprofessional and hates working with him.

General Hospital spoilers and casting rumors explore the possibility that Rebecca Herbst is leaving GH because she dislikes Billy Miller.

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Given the urgency of this news, it doesn’t seem likely that General Hospital will wait seven more months to kill off Hayden in childbirth.Morgan Brody is a CSI on night shift at the Las Vegas Crime Lab. She first appeared in "Cello and Goodbye" as a CSI in Los Angeles. Since she and her father drifted apart, she took the surname of her stepfather, Jerry Brody. In Season Eleven, Morgan assisted the Las Vegas team in Los Angeles, while they were trying to find the location of escaped serial killer Nate Haskell.She helped the Vegas team track Nate Haskell against the orders of her supervisor. She eventually moved to Los Angeles and became a CSI at the LAPD. She documented most of the evidence and even disobeyed her supervisor by sending private information to Catherine and Nick.Did anyone else notice how awkward and passionless the sex scene was?For something that had been building for so long, you would have expected fireworks, but it looked like Rebecca Herbst could barely stand to be touching Billy Miller.

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