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I've been experimenting with is speed and found he responds to the kiss sound and gave me a burst of speed the other day that made me kick my feet forward and lean back to stay in the seat. Oh man that horse is just so much fun on the trails. ( which I pray is a long time from now)He's so well mannered, knows even more than I thought! There were a couple of tense moments but only for a second or two - he calms down when I ask him to and he goes when I ask him to. She had the 2nd stall divider closed so I thought it was for a reason and just loaded him into the last stall.

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" Intimidate has no effect on Pokémon who are immune to Attack stat reductions, such as Pokémon with Clear Body, Hyper Cutter, or White Smoke.Look for all your favorite horsey posts on our new site, Earned: 3 Performance Wins; 24.0 Performance Points; 12 Halter Wins; 1.5 Halter Points; 1 Performance Register of Merit; 1 Grand Championship.), and , High Point Halter Stallion (1996-Amateur). High Point Junior Halter Stallion /3rd Place (1996-Open). Other Earnings: AQHA Incentive Fund ,615.28; AQHA World Championship Show 0.80.; is the sire of 80 foals of which 9 were Performers with 11 Performance Wins; 43.5 Performance Points; 12 Halter Wins; 9.5 Halter Points; 14 Novice Wins; 81.5 Novice Points; 2 Performance Register of Merits; 1 Grand Championship; 5 Reserves; 2 All Around Championships; 2 Reserve All Around Championships. Thank you for creating such a perfect trail companion. She was happy leading or following -- was never in a hurry -- used her mind while listening perfectly to my subtle cues. She rode behind the boss mare just fine, and then we took the lead with no problems. We came upon other horses on the trail, an atv with a loud generator, two men drilling into an overhang (though I'm not sure why they were doing that! Thank you again for her and can't wait for you to stop in and see her and Pride! I even hopped on her one day and she sure was a fun ride. He is full of himself when we start out but settles in after a few minutes. The neighbors must think I'm (as Clinton Anderson would put it) cracked. She was perfect..cruised along so nicely when I asked her, and kept up with and wanted to be ahead of the other walkers, just a dream. Note: I was worried that Sissy (now Adia) was a little too nervous for a lot of the people who called, but Lindsey asked me to really test this mare with her in mind, and I did, calling her several times from Sissy's back. I hate that I was initially wrong and misjudged this sweet mare, but I don't mind erring on the side of caution! Her feet got pretty ouchy on the rocks and the boots I have were too small for her. Riding her up an incline was like riding an escalator! Lindsey, from Big South Fork camp in Tennessee, before heading home to West Virginia, 9/12/10 UPDATE: Well, we had our second ride today and all I can say is..... We encountered bike rider, heavy machinery in the woods, more riders, deer that were running across our trail and then parallel to us on the trail. We had to cross over 30 logs, through 8" of mud, streams, blaze a couple of trails to go around fallen trees, up the blacktop for about half a mile, a mule and dog......NOTHING fazed her. When hubby's mare spooked at the deer that ran in front of her, Adia just watched it run through the woods. Even the two guys that hauled her in said that she looks like a good horse. I have taken some pictures, I will get a few in the mail to you. The ranch is having a camping trip the second week in June. I will take lots of pictures and forward some of those too. I have pics when he arrived but none while i'm riding him. I am having a blast on him and we are really clicking I just love his high stepping busy gait he's perfect for me. When I'm on the trails and he's gaiting perfectly or goes into that awesome slow rocking horse canter, I can't help but start to giggle like a little girl and sometimes I just have to holler WHOO HOO!!

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